Alec Thomas


SwapOff is the online home of Alec Thomas.

I live in New York with my beautiful wife Christine and our joy, our baby girl, Eloise.

I am a software engineer with a passion for building robust, scalable systems. I'm currently a cofounder at Wharf. Prior to jumping out of the corporate plane I worked at Twitter as tech lead on their crawling infrastructure, Julpan working on real time search, and Google on Google Wave, among others.


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A hierarchical command-line task manager

DevTodo is a small command line application for maintaining lists of tasks. It stores tasks hierarchically, with each task given one of five priority levels.


Automatic script execution

On Dir is a program that automatically executes scripts as you traverse directories at a terminal.



A Python to Javascript translator

Oink differs from similar efforts in that it is very light-weight, and tries to be as thin a layer as possible between Python and Javascript.


Projected text shadows using Javascript and CSS.

Who is Reddit

A visualisation of the people of Reddit

A recent AskReddit posed the question "What does Reddit look like?". This is my answer to that question.